Many owners of Elm Trees want to know how to treat Elm Leaf Beetle without using chemicals, turning to more Organic Elm Leaf Beetle controls.

The Elm Leaf Beetle controls often used like:

  • Elm Leaf Beetle Spray Treatments
  • Elm Leaf Beetle Chemicals
  • Elm Leaf Beetle Chemical Injection

Are used for a a variety of reasons, but in many cases avoiding chemicals is a cheap and safe option that can be very effective.

Breaking the Elm Leaf Beetle life cycle is no different to breaking the life cycle of any pest and disease: one organic elm leaf beetle control measure is banding.

Banding can be broken into two categories; chemical banding and non-chemical banding.

The fact you’re reading this page suggests you’re probably looking for an organic elm leaf beetle solution or chemical free elm leaf beetle solution. You can do this one yourself!

Place some sticky tape back to front around the trunk of the tree. The stickery the tape the better!

Banding used as an Organic Elm Leaf Beetle Control
A customer has attempted banding with sticky tape in order to control the Elm Leaf Beetle. The Beetle was in its early stages, so chemical control was avoided. The band was a little small, so we put a much larger higher up band.

During the transitional process from larvae to beetle, the larvae head down the tree to pupa. During this time it is hoped that the larvae walk across the tape, becoming stuck and unable to pupate.

Whilst this method is an organic elm leaf beetle treatment, the effectiveness is incomparable to many chemical solutions.

However, in early stages of infestation, it may be possible through regular attendance to the banding to reduce the breeding numbers to a manageable level.

If you are interested in organic elm leaf beetle controls or sprays, contact Brett for further advice.

Our Elm Leaf Beetle service area is ever increasing:

  • Gippsland Elm Leaf Beetle
  • Yarra Ranges Elm Leaf Beetle
  • Dandenong Ranges Elm Leaf Beetle
  • Eastern Suburbs Elm Leaf Beetle
  • Yarra Valley Elm Leaf Beetle
Elm Leaf Beetle Chemical Free Solutions
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