Blackberry, Rubus fruticosus agg. spp.

Victorian vegetation management specialise in Blackberry weed control in the Yarra Valley, Gippsland, east Gippsland and North East Victoria . We offer many ways to eradicate blackberry from spraying of chemical herbicide,pesticide and organic control.

Blackberry was introduced to Australia in the early 1800’s now it’s very wide spread in Victoria and Australia from farmland to waterways, parks and reserves it can completely invade hobby farms, grazing farms and bushland. The problem with the blackberry in the Yarra valley, the Dandenong’s, Gippsland, east Gippsland, Victoria and Australia is it’s invasiveness. Unimpeded, it has the potential to keep spreading until it reduces a farm land’s carrying capacity to nil. Blackberry can grow so thick around waterways it impedes stock and native animals access to drinking water . It’s generally easy to identify blackberry plant’s according to the national blackberry task force, there are 23 introduced species and 11 native blackberry species.

Blackberry normally flowers late November to late February, and produces it’s fruit December to early April. There are various techniques to remove blackberry, at different stages of the blackberry’s life, hand pulling can be affective but very labour intensive, almost all methods of blackberry control will require some form of herbicide use. Herbicides are poisons’ and should be handled very carefully, that’s where Victorian vegetation management are trained and very experienced in the use of herbicides, if used by the wrong person herbicides can be very harmful to native flora and fauna.

We offer weed management plans to help eradicate blackberry , this helps by managing the best time to attack the blackberry plant. At Victorian vegetation management we offer many ways to control blackberry from spraying herbicides, drill and fill, cut and pain, hand pulling, slashing and mulching, we also offer organic herbicides for control of blackberry. If blackberry isn’t controlled in Australia it may have a significant environmental impact on our native eco system.